Thread Wizard Tool Overview

The Thread Wizard tool allows you to quickly and easily create threads on your model.

SOLIDWORKS has many different thread profiles in their library all ready, but let’s say you have a custom thread that isn’t listed. I will show you how to create your own custom thread profile that you will be able to use in your modeling adventures.

First you will need to locate the Thread Profile Library file which will most likely be in C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS\Thread Profiles. To create a new thread profile you will have to open one of the existing profiles (.SLDLFP) in SOLIDWORKS.

For this example I am going to create a new inch die thread profile. When you open an existing thread profile in SOLIDWORKS it should look something like this.

As you can see the thread profile is just a simple sketch. In order to create my own custom thread profile I go to the Configuration Tab and add a New Configuration. There are many different configurations listed. For my example I am going create a 5/8-16 UN thread profile.

Once my configuration is made, I am going to edit the sketch of thread profile in my new 5/8-16 configuration.  In order to create your own custom threads you are going to need a couple of formulas.  For UN/UNC thread you will need the following:

For Dies:

Pitch = 1 / # per inch

Profile_Land= P / 4

Profile_Height =  5H / 8 where H = 0.866025 x Pitch

For Taps:

Pitch = 1 / # per inch

Profile_Land= P / 8

Profile_Height =  5H / 8 where H = 0.866025 x Pitch

Using these formulas my sketch ends up looking like the image (below).

After I create the thread profile it will appear in thread size drop down menu. Now I will have this thread profile for whenever I need it.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to create your own custom threads for your projects!  As per the reminder that displays in SOLIDWORKS, be sure to check the geometry to make sure it will meet your needs before machining off of threads created by the Thread Wizard.

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