SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing Discontinuation

This article will discuss the process for machine activation following the discontinuation of online licensing after February 5, 2022.

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing is a named-user licensing model that was introduced with SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0.0 as an alternative to machine-based licenses.

However, the vast majority of our clients continue to use machine activation. Given the low adoption of online licensing, it is not feasible to maintain the complex infrastructure needed to support it. Consequently, SOLIDWORKS has decided to discontinue SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing.

The phase-out date is February 5th, 2022.

After the phase-out date, your licenses will automatically be switched to machine activation when you start SOLIDWORKS. This process will take a few minutes and should not result in any downtime.

What if you need to use SOLIDWORKS in more than one place?

Below are a few options you can deploy to allow usage of SOLIDWORKS in more than one location when needed.  

Occasional usage outside of the office

Use Machine activation and transfer between computers when needed.  Before you leave the office you can deactivate your office PC so you will be able to activate your home PC.  You can find more detailed information on this process here. 

Frequent usage outside of the office

If you find yourself needing to access SOLIDWORKS outside of the office frequently a Remote Access Software may be the best solution.  Software like Splashtop, Teamviewer, GotomyPC, etc will allow you to remotely control your office PC from any device, anywhere you have internet access.  No more moving files between computers or forgetting to transfer your activation before leaving the office.  Just log in, connect to your office PC and start designing in SOLIDWORKS. 

Always changing locations?

Need your license to travel with you? Need global access? Then SOLIDWORKS Connected can give you the mobility you need.  With cloud file storage you can spend less time worrying where files are or which device is active.  Just launch SOLIDWORKS Connected and get designing.  Want more information on SOLIDWORKS Connected?

Need Additional Support?

If you have an existing case, please contact the Application Engineer you are working with; otherwise submit a new case online or call our office at 1-877-223-4255