SOLIDWORKS licenses will expire in 'X' days

What to do when you get an error reading, "SOLIDWORKS license will expire in 30 days." and why it's happening.

Versions of SOLIDWORKS 2022 and newer have slightly changed the nature of their perpetual licenses, both commercial and educational. They are still perpetual licenses, they don’t expire, but you will now need to reactivate them once a year before their required reactivation date.

To reactivate an Individual License:

  • On the SOLIDWORKS Product Activation Prompt, click the Reactivate Now button.
  • If you do not wish to reactivate the license immediately, click on Remind Me Later instead.

To reactivate a SolidNetWork License:

  • On the SolidNetWork License Manager Server go to the Server Administration tab.
    In the Reactivate Licenses dialog box, you will find the Reactivate button. Click on it to reactivate the license.
  • You can use the Serial number drop-down menu to filter for expiring licenses.