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SOLIDWORKS Desktop & Connected Default File Locations Reference

This article will explain where to find File Locations, what can cause them to be incorrect, the best option to edit them, and if you can utilize the 3DExprience platform to manage them.

First, let’s ensure it's clear where to find the File Locations.

Within SOLIDWORKS, go to Options | System Options | File Locations, which is a category on the left-hand side.

Selecting File Locations, a pull-down will show to allow the selection of many other folder locations.

The major cause of errors in File Locations is the upgrade or multiple installations of SOLIDWORKS.  These paths are not automatically upgraded or changed but maintain the previous or first path values when it was initially installed.

Regarding editing, for the longest time, you had to pick a folder location and then either add or remove paths, move to the next folder location, and repeat.  Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2017, they introduced the “Edit All” button.  This opens a new dialog, which then allows you to edit all paths and even provides Find/Replace functionality.

SOLIDWORKS System Options File Locations

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