SOLIDWORKS Composer Selection sets

How to create Selection Sets to group select actors

Selection sets are great way to manipulate groups of entities (actors in Composer lingo) in the viewport of SOLIDWORKS Composer. Selecting a Selection set selects all actors in the set.

They make it easier to move (translate or rotate), show/ hide or change properties for multiple actors grouped together by your preferences.

You can create selection sets for geometry actors (parts, assemblies or components) or collaborative actors (markup tools, notes, balloons, etc.)

Creating Selection sets

Selection sets can be created from the Assembly tab of the Properties pane for geometry actors, or from the Collaborative tab for collaborative actors.

First select actors in the viewport and select “Create Selection Set” – the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Alt-S. Remember to use Ctrl-select to grab multiple actors in the viewport.

Renaming Selection Sets

Once created, Selection Sets can be renamed by right-clicking and selecting “Rename Actor”. You can also rename using the Windows shortcut – the F2 key.

Adding components to Selection Sets

Select Actors in the viewport, then right-click on the selection set in the Assembly or Collaborative tab and select “Add Actors to Selection set”

Now you’re ready to multi-select groups of actors!