S is for Simulation

Additional commands can be added to the "S" key shortcut pop-up menu.

Based on the “S” key shortcuts, we can now add Simulation fly-out menus. I’ve added 3 Simulation tools to my “S” key, and I’m ecstatic about it!


I’ve added the “Show/Hide Mesh” option on the bottom left. This alone is handy. I can’t tell you the amount of time I spend staring at the right-click menu on the mesh, just looking for “Show Mesh.” I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to spot the option easily.

I’ve added the “Simulation Commands” menu in the middle. As you can see below, the entire list includes tools I use constantly. Now, they’re all available wherever my mouse is.


The last option I added is the “Apply Loads” menu. This menu contains all of the setup tools that I use every second of setup time. No more back-and-forth from model to tree!


I’ve had Simulation tools on my “S” key in the past but these fly-out menus have me sold!

To customize your “S” Key, select it, right-click the shortcut toolbar that appears, and select “Customize.” Make sure your Simulation Add-In is turned on!

From here, you’ll find all kinds of goodies to add. As I mentioned above, I added 2 fly-out menus and a single tool.

The “Simulation Commands” fly-out you’ll find here:

The “Apply Loads” menu you’ll find here:


If you’re looking for these tools specifically, just be aware that there are Advisor toolbars that also look very similar. Check the tool tip before adding them to ensure you got the right one!

If you’re looking to add individual Simulation tools, there is a full section of those as well. Check the “Toolbar” selection drop-down at the top and choose “Simulation” to find them.


Do you fancy the new “Mesh Sectioning” tool and want quick access to it? Add it to your “S” key. Or maybe the “Shell Manager” is your go-to. Whatever you’re always hunting for, dig it up and drop it on your “S” key. You’ll thank me for it!

Don’t forget that you’ll want to customize this for parts AND assemblies.