How do I access downloads, certifications and the Knowledge Base now that the Customer Portal is gone?

SOLIDWORKS has moved away from the Customer Portal, here is what you need to know now and how to find your downloads, certifications, and Knowledge Base!

With the transition to the DSx Client, as well as 3DExperience going forward, you may have noticed that you are having issues accessing the Customer Portal. SOLIDWORKS has moved away from this resource, and is starting to to integrate it into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

Moving forward, you will need a 3DEXPERIENCE Passport as well as the following links to download desktop SOLIDWORKS, access the Knowledge Base and access the Certification Center. For existing Customer Portal users, your login and password information is the same for the 3DEXPERIENCE Passport.

You may need to clear out the cache and cookies for the webpage before logging in to either link. Sometimes, a quick way around this is to use an Incognito or Private browsing tab.


SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base:

Inside of the Knowledge Base, you can filter to SOLIDWORKS or 3DEXPERIENCE related articles or solutions on the left side after making an initial search.

3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center:


One other major resource is the Certification Center. The 3DEXPERIENCE Certification Center is where you are able to login to manage your certificates, exam credits, and make changes to your account settings.  It is also where you can use credits to create vouchers for others to use and take exams.

If you cannot access these pages, place a support ticket to CADimensions: