Installing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Locally

This is part one of a two part guide. There are two methods to installing Electrical, Local, and Network. This is the Local-Only guide.

There's a few "IFs" here in this guide; so please follow the instructions carefully.

  • If you do not have SOLIDWORKS installed, Start at Step 1.
  • If you have SOLIDWORKS installed, Skip to Step 2.

Step 1. If SOLIDWORKS is not installed on the PC, grab the SOLIDWORKS Products download from the Downloads Portal ( and run the “SolidWorksSetup.exe”. 


Step 2. To install Electrical with a PC that already has SOLIDWORKS installed; you will need to modify your installation. Open up the Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features. Scroll down and find SOLIDWORKS. Right click it and select Change.

Step 3. It may ask you if you want to make changes to your machine. You will want to press yes. This will bring up the installation manager screen again. You most likely will get a warning that “a reboot is pending.” Just press OK. Select the option Install server Products. Select “SOLIDWORKS Electrical Share Data”. My screenshot is a little different as I already had it installed.

Then press Next until you get to the final page (when it says Install/Modify now), select “Change” under Electrical options.

Confirm that all three options for install are selected in the top section “Features to Install”. Then confirm that “Install a new instance of SQL Server” is selected under the “SQL Server” box. When installing the server component, you want this to be set to the default name for the SQL Server. If you have complications with this, please let us know.

Press Back then Modify Now.

The server should be installed. If it does not, please place a case and send us any error(s), code(s) or log(s) that are provided.

Then you need to repeat the process. Repeat STEP 1 or 2 here. You can either run the setup.exe if you have it, or modify your install (STEP 2) Press Next.

On the serial number page if…

  • The serial number you were provided for Electrical Schematics is the same as the SOLIDWORKS serial number (beginning with a 9010), press next and skip this page.
  • The serial number you were provided for Electrical Schematics is different than the SOLIDWORKS serial number (beginning with a 9000), enter the serial number in the “Electrical Schematic” slot.

NOTE: Electrical 3D is a separate product. It requires its own serial number/purchase.

Check on the box for “Electrical Client” if the box for Server is checked and/or greyed out, ignore it and do not uncheck it.

Press Next again and Modify Now. This will install the client to the PC.

Go ahead and run SOLIDWORKS Electrical for the first time to activate it. This will also confirm connection to the SQL server you just installed. You will get a box to unarchive all of the symbols/template/footprints/etc. You can press Next and then Finish here. This will get the program to the point of being ready for the user.

Stay tuned for our next guide, hosting the SQL server and the Collaborative Share Data (and all projects) on a network to increase collaboration between your electrical engineers! A link will be posted here when that guide is created.