How to set a custom DPI size in a PDM Convert Task

Depending on the printer you may want or need a higher or lower DPI quality for eventual printing of PDFs. To accomplish this there is a custom script you can add in the Advanced Scripting Options section of the Convert Task.


NOTE: I would highly suggest testing this in your sandbox (test) vault if you have one.

How to change your DPI settings in PDM using a convert task to print PDFs

First let's go into the PDM Admin Tool, expand Tasks, and choose Convert:

Then navigate to the Output File Details and select Advanced Scripting Options:

When the new window appears with the task script code use CTRL + A and CTRL + C  on your keyboard to select all and copy the script in its entirety. From there paste it CTRL + V to Word or Notepad for easier searching and editing.

NOTE: I would recommend keeping an unchanged copy of your script just in case. So, just save the script in Word or Notepad as is and then copy the file to use and edit without changing the original script.

In Word or Notepad use CTRL + F on your keyboard and find “Sub SetConversionOptions(ext)” without quotes. The PDF options are directly underneath this subsection of the code.

Paste these two lines just after the last line in the paragraph (Before the IGES section begins):

swApp.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swPDFExportShadedDraftDPI, 600

swApp.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swPDFExportOleDPI, 600



NOTE: The script above is set to 600 DPI, you can change this by simply changing the number on the tail end of the script.

Make sure that the DPI is set to what you’d like. Then delete the script from the Advanced Options window in PDM and copy and paste (CTRL A + CTRL C + CRTL V) the new script in. Save, refresh your vault, and test how the script works in your sandbox vault.

Your printer can now print in a higher-quality DPI setting!