How do I Restart Archive Server & Database Server Automatically?

Have you ever had a Windows update turn off your Archive and Database server services? Here's a quick and easy way to get those applications restarted and skip the phone call to your IT!

First, search for "Services" to open your Services app.

Then find both your Archive and Database service from the list under "Solidworks PDM Archive Server" and "Solidworks PDM Database Server".

Then right click the services one at a time and choose "Properties" and then the "Recovery" tab to change how the service reacts if the server application is ever inadvertently turned off. Here you can choose to "Restart the Service" after a failure to start!

After setting these actions on both the Archive and the Database server service, you shouldn't have to worry about the services inadvertently being turned off by Windows updates or other applications and causing an interruption in server readiness during your workday!


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