How Can I Use A Company SOLIDWORKS License At Home?

In recent times there has been an emphasis on remote working and many SOLIDWORKS users are looking for ways to be able to work remotely. To help navigate this process, we put together these 9 steps to borrowing a license from your company's pool of

1. Close out of any SOLIDWORKS Products you may have open

2. Access the SolidNetwork License Manager from the start menu of the client that will be borrowing the license

3. Select the product you would like to borrow (SOLIDWORKS) to verify there are enough licenses available

4. Click the "License Borrowing" Tab

5. Choose the "Borrow Until" date (30 Days Maximum).

**NOTE** Your borrowed licenses will stop working on this date unless you reconnect to your network!

6. Select (or ctrl+select) the licenses you would like to borrow and click "Borrow"

7. Borrowed licenses and their expiration dates will show up in the window to the right. If this is acceptable, click OK.

**NOTE** If there is an error, simply click on the licenses on the right and choose "Return" then repeat step 5.

8. To test functionality, disconnect from your company network (unplug the network cable and/or turn on "Airplane mode") and start SOLIDWORKS

9. To return the licenses before the expiration date, select them from the "Borrowed" window, and click "Return"

Not working like it should? 

If things didn’t go as planned when registering your account, please contact CADimensions Technical Support for further assistance. 

If you have an existing case, please contact the Application Engineer you are working with; otherwise submit a new case online.