How can I download specific SOLIDWORKS files or utilities?

This article steps through the process of downloading specific files on those occasions when a complete download is not necessary.

On most occasions, such as when installing SOLIDWORKS, it's best to have a full file set. However, there are times when it is convenient to download a single file or utility. There is a simple process which can be used to accomplish this, but navigating the web page links can be troublesome the first time through.

In this example, we will assume a CAD administrator is looking for the SolidNetWork License Manager so they can install and activate the license manager on a new server.

Logging In

As is always the case, it will first be necessary to log in. A 3DExperience ID is needed in order to accomplish this. Creating a 3DExperience ID is outside the scope of this article.  We will assume you already have one.

From the webpage, click Log In near the top right corner of your browser window. If prompted, enter your 3DExperience ID credentials.

Manual DL1

Once logged in, click the Support link > Desktop Solutions tab > Downloads. Incidentally, it's very common to be prompted to log in again. Enter your same 3DExperience ID credentials and that should put you where you need to be.

Manual DL2

The Downloads Page

Even though a full file set is not being downloaded, it is still necessary to determine what version of the files are needed. Make sure the "Select Version:" drop down menu displays the desired version, then click the "SOLIDWORKS Products" link to the left of the desired service pack.

Manual DL3


The End User License Agreement appears next. Scroll to the bottom and click "Accept Agreement & Continue".

Manual DL4

Manual Download Method

This next page is the critical place where you do not want to get click-happy. DO NOT, click the "Download" link. Instead, click the small bit of text at the end of the paragraph that reads "manual download method", shown in the following image.

Manual DL5

The Manual Installs Menu

It's usually not important what is selected for the 3 drop down menus displayed in the Manual Installs menu. Many of the files which are available are stand-alone self-contained compressed files that are not dependent on a previous version. Also, if you're not sure what to select for "SolidWorks Product", just pick SOLIDWORKS Premium, as that is the highest level product and all files will be available.

Manual DL6

Click "Continue" near the bottom left corner of the Manual Installs menu when you are ready to proceed.

The Manual Download Packages Page

This is the final page, and there will be a long list of files. These files are separated into different sections. These sections include pre-requisites, required updates, optional updates, the Installation Manager, and language packs. In our case, we need to look in the section for optional updates, which contains the SolidNetWork License Manager.

Manual DL7

As can be seen from the image, the SolidNetWork License Manager is under 51 Mb. It is a quick and easy download for our imaginary CAD administrator, who can now move forward installing the license manager on their new server.