Creating Opposite Hand Components

This document will show how to create opposite hand components from an existing part and the steps needed to allow feature details to be transferred to the new part when detailing.

Before we get started - You will need the following

  • Solidworks
  • A part in need of its opposite hand version

1. Start with the component to mirror

Select the part face to be used as the mirror by clicking it with your mouse.

Picture shows the selection of the face to be used as mirror plane


1.1 Create the opposite hand component

Select Insert and find Mirror Part in the list and select it.

Picture showing the mirror part option location under the Insert menu.


1.2 Selecting Properties

Select the properties to be transferred to the new part then select OK. These selections may vary depending on the type of part and the features used in the design.

In this example we have a sheet metal part that also contains features created with the hole wizard. So, add both Sheet metal information and hole wizard to the items selected.

Picture showing the features selected for transfer from the original part to the newly created part.


1.3 Save your new part

Now that your part is created save and name your part.

Picture showing the newly created opposite hand part.


2. Create your drawing

Your drawing will now allow you to show hole callouts, bend lines and other properties you selected to be transferred from the original part.

Picture of drawing created from opposite hand part with callouts from the hole wizard and bend notes.


Not working like it should?

If you find you are still having issues creating opposite hand components, please contact CADimensions Technical Support for further assistance.

If you have an existing case, please contact the Application engineer you were working with; otherwise submit a new case online.