Benefits of Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional

SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included with every seat of SOLIDWORKS on subscription. SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional is available for an additional cost. What other features are included in Professional?


SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional offers assembly machining in addition to part machining. You can program multiple instances of the same part with offsets, and the software can recognize components of the assembly such as clamps or fixtures as “avoid” areas instead of using 2D sketches as in CAM Standard.


CAM Professional allows for different data sets for SOLIDWORKS configurations. This allows you to quickly adjust for part variations. You can also use part configurations for stock (forged versus machined, etc.)


SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional includes 2 Axis Turning.

3+2 programming

You can use 4 & 5-axis machines, but the toolpath will be limited to 3-axis with the tool at a set orientation. The cutting tool is locked in a tilted position using the five-axis machine's two rotational axes.


Probing operations are used to reset toolpath coordinates to enable the most precise manufacturing capabilities by the machine for that application.  As of SOLIDWORKS 2020 and later, probing is now included in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional. This will help you save time in your toolpath generation setup versus manually adding these operations after post-processing.

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